Alena Milkovic

I’m Alena, a girl hiding behind the wedding films appearing under the name Fragments Collection. I’m a moment seeker, filmmaker, avid photographer and explorer. I come from a small country called Slovenia and I love to travel wherever my camera takes me.

What Inspired you to be videographer and as did your passion for the profession?
The power of moving pictures - feelings. I am a big fan of films that shape peoples hearts. That kind of work inspires me to chase my own craft and somehow I ended up doing exactly that in the wedding industry.  I was always connected to the arts, if not in music then in editing all sorts of things but I just never tried to expand my vision in this direction. It all unrolled when I tried out some second shooting and I love it since. 

What was your first picture / video did feel something special?
This wedding made me realize how great my job really is. I get to express my vision while people trust me their special day, it’s an outstanding feeling.  

What is your style looks like ?
I think I don’t have any particular style. I love spontaneous moments of couples and emotions they show, so I tend myself in this way and strive for true rough moments in-between. I love when a certain music can speak through the image and I just love exploring the human nature, always excited to dive into a story that is behind/above the wedding. There always is one. :) 

Tell us some important experience in your life.
A stupid but a bit heavy sport accident back in 2009 changed my way of seeing things. It changed my perspective in life. That was the weirdest sign from the universe just showing me to stop doing things I don’t like and chase what I love. I tie myself to this everyday.

Any advice for new generations?
Follow your guts and create things with love. There’s never a finish line, but that’s exactly the point. Connect with others, work hard, stay humble and have your priorities in order.

Anything you want to add or thank? 
I want to thank my special person for believing in me every time when I was doubting. I can’t imagine my journey without you and I can’t imagine my journey without my friends, their help and support, I will always be grateful!
And… It’s time for the WICKED! Thank you Ivan for connecting with me, it’s an honor.

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