Alberto & Yago...


Yago and Alberto. Alberto and Yago. We are colleagues, friends, partners, husband and husband. Our history was born first and then our professional project. We have always lived closely linked to the world of cinema, art, design, but we never dedicated to audiovisual beyond a hobby. It has always passionate we travel with camera in hand, until one day, by chance, that passion becomes a job and decided to leave everything to
dive into the world of weddings.


What Inspired you to be videographer and as did your passion for the profession? 

We are passionate about love, we like movies and pictures run, stimulate us visually, seek inspiration, roll, we love the style, listen to music, meet people, travel ... and above all, learn everyday people and colleagues who are in the


What was your first picture video did feel something special? 

Since we have always been travelers, any excuse to pack up and ride out the camera. In our travels around the world, gradually we spent the photos to video and, hence, by chance, we were recording the wedding of a very special friend. Following that began to get out odd jobs related to the world of weddings, advertising, etc. But it was not until we were invited to an event Pecha Kucha and talk about our passion. We present a proposal in the form of video and was one of those times when a something tells you that many things are going to happen and this project will consolidate ...


What is your style looks like ? 

We do not know exactly what our style, but we like to chilly, modern and daring things video, with a twist "cool". Sometimes it may seem that our planes are spontaneous and not very elaborate, but really everything is on the site should be. We like to take care of the details, giving priority to the aesthetic sense, light, color ... All this without forgetting the personality of couples and, especially, without forgetting that every wedding is a unique story.

Tell us some important experience in your life. 

A good friend told us the day of our wedding, "Love does exist. Love, when is complicity, respect for others, chemical and vital joint project. Yes there is, "at that moment we knew we had to bet on this.


Any advice for new generations? 

We are searching for inspiration, but we think the secret is to find "your place", finding that own personal puntillo that makes anyone who sees your work know it's yours!

Anything you want to add or thank? 

We give thanks to those who teach us, who are with us, those who care for us and to those who love <3
Better dead than life without love ...

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