Baptiste Hauville...

Hey! I’m Baptiste Hauville, a.k.a You Made My Day Photography. Professional and passionate lifestyle & wedding photographer living in Bordeaux, in the south-west of France, near the ocean, which is essential for me. 

What Inspired you to be videographer / photographer and as did your passion for the profession?
People. I started photography with Street Photography during almost 5 years. It is a great way to start photography, as this genre is really complete.

Then, I started working on personal series, mixing landscapes, cityscapes, street photography and portraits of total strangers. Photography is a wonderful tool, a great way to meet people you would never have met otherwise.
Now, add some love & travel to that, and here comes the perfect combo! 

What was your first picture / video did feel something special?

That’s a difficult one. But I would say the portrait of a man that I met while working on a personal project about Brittany, a French region I am in love with. I don’t remember his name but we had a beer and a small chat together.
That it is exactly what photography is about and why I love it so much. It is just the best excuse to meet strangers, and to share something unique with them, something intimate sometimes. To share a brief moment of life. 

What is your style looks like ?

I would say « passionate ». As i am passionate about my work of course, and about photography in general. But mainly because I try to focus on the passion that animates every couple. I like the idea that you may have goosebumps when looking at my work. I do believe passion is the key. 

Tell us some important experience in your life. ( photo / video )

The day I decided to meet a local wedding photographer to learn more about it. That meeting has changed my life. Thanks to him, I had the opportunity to learn the job on the field, and to have a lot of great advices. 

Any advice for new generations?

Be patient. Be passionate. And stay focused on what you feel, and what you love.
I feel lucky to do what I truly love. I am actually. But luck is not everything. Don’t forget that it is a lot of work. It’s worth it!


Anything you want to add or thank?

I am not sure they will read this, but I won’t thank enough a woman who shared my life for some years -and I now can say it with serenity- because she was one of those who truly believes in me at first. And a big high five to my dear friends.
And, of course, thank you guys at Time For The Wicked for this interview, and for your work to make photographers life easier and more stylish! 

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