Victor de la Cueva...


Hello, I'm Victor de la Cueva,Mexican photographer, 27 years old. Pizza junkie. Digital Design Master. Dogs. Netflix. Roadtrips.. Cold beer. FC Barcelona. Longboards. Vans. Chet Faker & José Gonzalez. Forests. 4:20. Sunday Dates. Shity Coffee. Typographies. 4:20. Yellow M&M's. Jazz.


I started Cheesiness 2 years ago after being a second shooter for the past 5 years. We're based on mexico City but we usually travel all around Mexico for our shootings, being Holbox, San Miguel de Allende and Mérida where we've been the most. 

I don't have an official second shooter, I try to invite one different photographer every month. When it's high season I even receive photographers from other parts of the world but I work mostly with mexican talent. 


What inspired me to be photographer? 

Mostly all event photographers tried to be a photo journalist before finding this specific market. My case is different, my first professional approaching to photography was at a wedding. I don't know if your readers are aware what a Mexican Wedding is, but you dance like 10 hours (Salsa & Cumbias), invite like 300 people and eat like there's no tomorrow. My favorite 3 things: people, party and food, all gathered in the same place. Since that moment I had no doubt this is what i wanted to do for living for the rest of my life. 

What was your first picture did feel something special?
My parents are the coolest people I know. They gave me my first camera when I was 11. I can't remember which one was my first picture but I'm sure it was a portrait. This kind of photos are the ones I enjoy most. Professionally, i started at 18 years old with the photos of the sister of one of my best friends. At that time I invited a couple of young photographers which, just as I did, where exploring the possibilities of the camera. The 3 of us travelled to Acapulco and the couple pay for everything. This was the first time we realised that quote is real: "Find a job you like and you won't need to work one single day". 


What is your style looks like ?
As our slogan says, we shot "photos for adventurous lovers". We know our photos depend sooooo much on the landscape and how cool the couple is, for this reason we try to be careful selecting our clients. 

Mexico City has 30 million people living here, for some of us going outside the routine is just impossible. When you finish working the least you want to do Is going somewhere else than to your house to watch some soccer on HD. 

We recognized this problem, that's why try to sell something else than l "good looking photos", our service includes a full experience of going somewhere outside the city, having a different sunday and enjoying with new friends. 

My biggest influences are the photographers from the West Coast, Dylan Howell, Phil Chester, Benj Haisch, Jessica Woodhouse, Sean Flannigan, Sara Byrne. Locally I admire Fer Juaritsi, Kary from"The times we Have"...

Tell us some important experience in your life. 
You have to be humble always and try to learn from the best. It's important to have idols, copy them and start your own style from all the different project you've seen. This process is SLOOOOW and people get distracted easily. Stay, work hard and charge a few, at the end the book you generate will make you a better photographer. 

Any advice for new generations?
The golden rule is even more golden in photography: "You're only going to be as good as the people you surround yourself with". For this reason I recommend to choose wisely your professional relationships and keep humble and active all the time. 


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