Don + Helen...

Hello! We are Don + Helen!! photographers for four years, married for five years, best buddies for ten years! We are from the Canary Islands (AKA the place where Tweety Bird is from). We live and feel each moment with our couples, and that’s what we want to transmit in all of our images. We’re social photographers, but not social media photographers, and so we always remind ourselves that we’re capturing a moment of our couples’ life and that the most important thing is making it memorable!




What Inspired you to be photographers and as did your passion for the


I studied nursing in college, worked as an theatre actor and dancer and a glass artisan and Helen is a director of construction and design. Now we have been fully dedicated as photographers for 4 years. It all started when a friend was looking for someone to document her wedding - I volunteered without thinking - at that time I wasn't paid, I wasn’t a photographer. I didn't know how to use a camera, I didn't have a camera. So I borrowed a Sony point and shoot, went to the wedding, then to my surprise my friend´s father had hired a real photographer. The question was, should I shoot or just let the pro do their job? I shot and shot and shot!!! After some months Helen prepared a scrapbook of the images that I took, we went to the couple to give our humble present. To our surprise, they cried and cried while looking at my crappy images. I was so embarrassed how bad my pictures were. Later they explained why they were crying - it was because their photographer had lost all their wedding images… That is when we realized we wanted to be “real photographers”!




What was your first picture did feel something special?

It was awful… but we are proud of it. It´s an awesome reminder of how we begun in this profession… it makes us see things clearly and moves us to help others who are beginning in this beautiful work of photography. “We cannot go where we want to go if we do not remember where we came from…”



What is your style looks like ?

We don´t have style and we don´t worry to much about it…. Our clients gives our style…



Tell us some important experience in your life. 

One of the saddest and hardest moment of our life is when Helen´s mom was diagnosed with Cancer…

Any advice for new generations?

“Don´t think to much of yourself, always be humble…” “Shoot what makes your heart beats faster…”


Anything you want to add or thank?


We want to thank all of our friends and family…. Especially to those who believed in us without thinking twice… we will always, always, always be thankful to all your help and support…



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