Fer Juaristi...


Hello, my name is Fer Juaristi, I am a wedding photographer based in Mexico, traveler and father of three.

What Inspired you to be videographer / photographer and as did your passion for the profession?

I've spent most of my life behind a camera. First taking photographs of my band, then for a TV channel, then for an advertisement agency, to end up as a wedding photographer. I am a true believer of following my passion and seeing where it can take me. I never imagined I would end up working in weddings, but Google opened up an opportunity to see what others where doing and I jumped on the wagon. The risk of the unkown gives me an impulse that keeps me wanting more day after day.

What was your first picture / video did feel something special?

It was this one (The bride and the dog. It was a job with the collaboration of some friends of mine, which helped me to make it even more abstract. The original photo had the bride's and the dog's face profile. With this photo I felt alive and I have been searching for that feeling ever since in every click I make.


What is your style looks like ?

Changing (laughs). I try not to settle in a specific formula. That has to be the advatange of being your own boss no ? My constants I think are simplifying, abstracting, searching for an emotion no matter how minimal it is and making everything balanced within the frame.

Tell us some important experience in your life. ( photo / video )

2015 changed my life completely. In a four month period my youngest daughter Ava was born, my father passed away and I broke my arm just before the wedding season started. These situations shake you up and make you put everything into perspective.


Any advice for new generations?

To believe in thenselves. They already have national references, it is their moment to go beyond and to be free to create and atrract unique couples, that could even be their own friends.


Anything you want to add or thank?

Congratulations on launching this project, I am a true follower of brands that listen to their customers and 'handmade' has always been a passion of mine. That this journey that we call life carries on surprising us, good and bad, and specially to learn to stop and always inspire each other



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