Jake Jakab...


I am Jake Jakab, a hungarian young photographer based in a city in the north of Spain called Zaragoza.

-What Inspired you to be photographer and as did your passion for the profession?

The one thing that inspired me the most to be a photographer is that you can tell a story just as it happens in an authentic way. I consider myself a storyteller rather than just a photographer. 

What was your first picture did feel something special?

The first photo that made me feel something special for photography was at my brothers wedding a few years ago when I had my analogue camera and took a photo of him and his bride. It’s out of focus and technically its not a perfect photo but that’s one of my favourite photos because it inspires me and reminds me it’s no enough to have a perfect technique but you gotta work with passion.


What is your style looks like ?

When photographing no matter if its a wedding or just a walk with friends or a couple in some interesting place like a forest or a lake I like capturing the special moments in the most natural and authentic way that is possible. 

Everytime I have an oportunity to photograph someone or something I step back and try to take the whole picture.

Tell us some important experience in your life. 

It happened frequently that when I am about to leave a wedding at its final the bride and the groom shows such a great enthusiasm for the work I did on that day. That’s awesome when people trusts in your work.

Any advice for new generations?

Just keep your camera in your hands and don’t stop shooting. 

Anything you want to add or thank?


First of all I want to thank you Ivan for this what you’re doing and I want to thank my brother Stefan who introduced me into this world of media and to my family who supported me in this journey

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