Julia & Gil...

We are Julia and Gil, a wedding photographer couple from Germany. We like sunny days at the beach and dinner with friends. We love exploring new cities, spending time with our family or just doing nothing at all. 


What Inspired you to be videographer / photographer and as did your passion for the profession? 

We love to create photos. I don’t know what else to say. Better: We NEED to do it. Period. It’s something we can’t put in words. Everything else would be a cliché answer. Most important: We can spend our time doing things we love and surround ourselves with people who make us happy.


What was your first picture / video did feel something special? 

Ohh man, we can’t remember. That moment when we recognized that it’s not about perfection, only about emotion, was huuuge inspiring. The special photos for us, are always touching in some kind of way. But it’s a very subjective point of view.


What is your style looks like ? 

Minimalistic and emotional. We don’t value sharp or technically „correct“ photos. Emotion always beats perfection.  


Tell us some important experience in your life. ( photo / video ) 

The day we quit our jobs to only take photos for a living. Since then, our lives have changed. 


Any advice for new generations? 

Do what you love and risk to be seen! Be kind.


Anything you want to add or thank?


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