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Hi my name is Julien Navarre and I always liked to invent and tell stories. I grew up in a small village south of Paris with a large forest around. With my friends we were always outside us telling incredible stories. My parents did not have television, so I invented my own adventures. When I was in my grandmother’s house, I recorded the sound of movies on audio K7 and I ironed the night before sleep. I imagined in my head the images of the film with the soundtrack.

What Inspired you to be photographer and as did your passion for the profession?

I am based in Paris but travel extensively. I'm always looking for new places. I planned to settle in some time in the south of France in a region called Provence.

My office is my vital space. Inside, there's everything you need to stay several days without going out. I'm almost in total isolation ha ha ha!

What was your first picture did feel something special?

The first image that really made sense to me is that of a couple who set short in the same direction at the top of a rock. For me this symbolism is very beautiful. They do not run towards each other as one could imagine a scene too perfect. they run together, to build together. They are open to the outside rather than the reverse.

What is your style looks like ?

My style is a mix of several influences. A rock base maybe .. I'm still in jeans, big boots to walk on uneven ground .. and then I always wear a hat. My these days I almost only gate US cap. I like to change my style. Right now I wear rings and bracelets so I spent the years when I could not stand the jewels!

Tell us some important experience in your life.

One last important experience that I wanted to achieve was a long love shooting session in a desert. To focus on the emotions and poses, without rest on the background. I've just realize in the Moroccan desert and it was beyond my expectations! We dope at sunrise at 7am and it was an amazing experience I will certainly not forget. I tell my friends on the way I had certainly realized the coolest thing in my life with extraordinary people !

Any advice for new generations?

The advice I can give to new generations is to dare. Dare to move forward. Dare to dream big. More you will dream bigger and you'll find you can grow. Grow much larger than anything you could imagine. The only limit is that you impose on you. Dare to exceed those limits.

Anything you want to add or thank?

I want to thank all the people who support me and who have always believed in my projects. Those who have left my life and who believed in me at some point and those who are still there. Thank you so much. Thank you especially to the openness of my parents who have contributed to what I am today. I love you all.

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