Sjoerd Booij....


He is Sjoerd Booij, father of a beautiful three year old daughter. She will have a sister in the next few days, since our second daughter was supposed to be born the 3rd of May. While writing this I am getting goosebumps… It’s a waiting game right now. I am also the founder of A Wolf At Heart. A Wolf At Heart is a photography initiative for the brave and creative. It strives to create both visual and storytelling masterpieces with people or brands that walk off the beaten path. I believe we create because we are always in search of something. In search of things that makes our heart run faster and leaves our mind in a state of amazement. It’s what makes being a creative so phenomenal and it’s the foundation on which A Wolf At Heart is built.

What Inspired you to be videographer / photographer and as did your passion for the profession?

I founded an online marketing company in 2001. After seeing it grow from just me and my partner to about 20 employees in close to 10 years, I felt it wasn’t for me anymore. I needed a bigger creative outlet that helped me channel my thoughts and feelings in a way I couldn’t in the marketing world. So I sold the company and that’s when I picked up a camera again. I’ve always been shooting, but this time was different, because me and my girlfriend started traveling through South America. I felt this camera thing helped me connect with people in a way that inspired me so much and that was what I was looking for. This was 5 years ago and I am so happy to have made the switch. I feel this is just the beginning.



What was your first picture / video did feel something special?

While traveling through South America I shot so many things that inspired me, but I keep coming back to a picture that I shot in Bogota, Colombia. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel free. It’s a shot of flying pigeons and I am still planning of making a big print for our new home.

What is your style looks like ?

My style has always been a bit darker. Not dark in a sad way, but just dark in colors / black and white and use of light. I am not the dreamy airy type of photographer. I prefer slivers of light and light that creates an interesting way of guiding the eye. Light that doesn’t immediately reveal what’s there, but rather makes you look some more. I always try to avoid abundance of light.



Tell us some important experience in your life. ( photo / video )

The day my first daughter was born changed everything. My whole perspective on life and the need for me to slow down and really experience things around me. It’s still difficult at times because we all are what we are, but at least I am trying now.

Any advice for new generations?

Connect with others on a level beyond social media. We’ve become so attached to this screen - as am I - but we need to build real connections in order to create something truly amazing.



Anything you want to add or thank?

Believing you can achieve something is the most important. Be persistent, be WICKED and start creating. Thanks Time for the Wicked for connecting with me, it’s a true honor.

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