Yanick Lesperance...

We will like to present some WICKED around the world...


He is Yanick Lesperance, based in Eastern Canada. You are hereby invited to browse through my creations and to discover people that I meet in various locations across the continent and which inspire him





TFTW -What Inspired you to be videographer / photographer and as did your passion for the profession?


Humanity and moments. I am feeling grateful for all the love I see around me through people I meet along. Love is freaking awesome!


TFTW -What was your first picture / video did feel something special?

Don’t want to sound too “cliché", but definitely the first picture I have taken of my son when he was born. This was everything to me! 


TFTW - What is your style looks like ?

I can’t really tell. 

I don’t want people to assign aspecific etiquette on my work. The way I’d like to be known, would be more of how I interact and connect with my clients when they share their hearts with me. There are so many beautiful things surrounding us. So I find that to be confined in a specific style is more restrictive than creative. 

TFTW - Tell us some important experience in your life. ( photo / video )

The day I realized that I didn’t have to blame myself for who I am was so freeing. 


TFTW - Any advice for new generations?

There is no secret! Don’t be afraid to share what you know.


TFTW - Anything you want to add or thank?

Absolutely! Time is NOW for the WICKED! Can you feel the fire burning?